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About Us

Early Start Learning Academy and Child Care is dedicated to the well-being of the children and their families.  We are committed to providing a quality educational program within a loving and caring environment.  An important part of this goal is the caring adults who will give your child personal attention.


Early Start Learning Academy follows a "Building Blocks" philosophy, which is developmental in nature with concerns for the needs of the whole child.  This philosophy has evolved over 30 years of experience working with teachers, young children and their parents.


Although intellectual development is an important "block" in our program, we feel it must be balanced with social, emotional, and physical development to provide children with a strong foundation for their future success.


If you attempt to build a block tower by stacking one block at a time in a single narrow column, it will stand on its own for the first few blocks.  As you build the tower higher, it will become less stable and adding additional blocks will take greater effort to be sure balance is maintained.  Eventually no matter how hard you try, the tower will tumble.  Building a strong level foundation will help the tower stand on its own as it grows in size.  Placing a group of blocks all the same size at the base will make the tower much stronger.


This is also true of learning!  If the concentration is only on one aspect of development, without making sure that the children have a strong level foundation, it is easy to throw them off balance.  Then through no fault of their own, they may have to unnecessarily struggle.


We also realize that parents who work outside the home, while raising young children, are facing an enormous challenge.  Our goal is to help you meet this challenge, by providing an environment where you will feel comfortable leaving your child and offering ourselves as a resource for any parenting, developmental or behavioral questions or concerns you might have.  Our goal is not only to have happy children but happy stress free parents as well.


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